Lemon Butter Cake

- zesty, creamy, & easy -

This lemon butter cake has a buttery lemon crust with a gooey filling  packed with tart lemon flavour. It’s like a cross between a lemon bar and cheesecake.

– Gooey lemon cream cheese custard filling – So easy to make and very impressive – Packed with tart and zesty lemon flavour

Why you will LOVE this recipe:

The cake batter is topped with a cream cheese custard. As it  bakes, the custard sinks into the middle of the cake, creating a gooey  filling.

what you will need:



– granulated sugar – lemon zest – sea salt – large egg  – unsalted butter  – lemon juice  – all purpose flour – baking powder – cream cheese softened  – powdered sugar – sea salt – egg yolks – lemon juice freshly squeezed  – lemon zest – powdered sugar




Rub together lemon zest and sugar to help the lemon release more flavour. This will make the cake extra zesty. 


Add eggs, lemon juice, and butter and whisk. Add dry ingredients and fold to make a thick batter. Transfer to 9" round buttered pan.


Make the filling by beating together the ingredients until creamy. Top cake batter with filling. 


Bake until the edges are set and the middle is puffed. Tent the top with foil if it starts browning too quickly. 


Let cool to room temperature, top with powdered sugar, and serve. For an extra gooey texture serve at room temperature. For a chewier texture, serve chilled.

It's like a gooey butter cake but with added lemon! The yolks give the filling a natural yellow colour. The perfect dessert for anyone who loves lemon.

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