Lemon Curd Cookies

- thick, soft, & tangy -

These lemon curd cookies are thick, soft, tangy, and filled with loads  of lemon curd. They have all the tangy, zesty, lemon flavour.

– Thick, soft & chewy  – Lemon curd filling – The cookie and filling are packed with lemony tang and zest. So much flavour! – You only need to chill the cookie dough in the freezer for 10 minutes

Why you will LOVE this recipe:

The cookie dough has loads of lemon flavour and tang. There's a bit of cream cheese in the cookie dough that really helps elevate the lemon flavour.

what you will need:



– egg + egg yolks – sea salt – sugar – lemon juice – lemon zest – butter  – butter  – ¼cream cheese  – granulated sugar – sea salt –egg + egg yolk – lemon juice – lemon zest – yellow gel food colouring – all purpose flour – baking powder – baking soda – powdered sugar

lemon curd

cookie dough


Whisk egg, yolks, and sugar until combined. Add lemon juice and cook on low heat until thickened. 


Transfer to a container, add lemon zest and cold butter. Stir until smooth. Press clingwrap or parchment paper onto the top and refrigerate until thick.


Beat butter and sugar until creamy and lightened in colour. Scrape down the sides of the bowl for even mixing.


Add egg, yolk, lemon juice, lemon zest, and food colouring (optional). Beat until creamy. Scrape down the bowl frequently. 


Sift dry ingredients right into the same bowl and fold until a dough comes together. Stop mixing as soon as no more streaks of flour remain.


Scoop into cookie dough balls, roll in powdered sugar, and make indents in the tops with a tablespoon or cookie scoop. Freeze to chill for 10 minutes while the oven preheats.


Bake until puffed and barely golden. Press a tablespoon into the top to make extra room for the lemon curd. 


Fill the tops with as much lemon curd as you can fit in and serve. Store filled cookies in a single layer in the fridge. Dig in!

The cookies are rolled in powdered sugar between baking which forms the perfect, sweet crisp crust. They're packed with so much lemon flavour - perfect for spring and summer.

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