Cherry Fudge Brownies

- easy, fudgy, & juicy -

These cherry brownies are fudgy, soft, moist, and packed with juicy  cherries. They’re easy to make and have perfect crackly tops (no electric mixer needed). 

– Easy, no mixer recipe – Fudgy, soft, and packed with juicy cherries – Beautiful crinkly tops

Why you will LOVE this recipe:

They use both melted chocolate and cocoa powder in the brownie batter  for the best flavour and texture. There’s a reason why chocolate &  cherry are such a popular combination.

what you will need:



– cherries  – butter  – semisweet chocolate chips  – eggs  – granulated sugar – brown sugar – sea salt – vanilla extract – almond extract – all purpose flour  – cocoa powder – flaky salt, optional


beat the eggs and sugars until thick, lightened in colour, and creamy.


Add melted chocolate and butter, gently fold to combine. 


Sift dry ingredients right into the same bowl. Fold until halfway incorporated. Add cherries and extra chocolate chips, fold to make a batter. 


Spread into baking pan and top with extra cherries and chocolate chips. Bake until set around the edges and still underdone in the middle. 


Top with flaky salt and cut into pieces when fully cooled. Serve slightly warm or at room temperature. 

It's best to use fresh cherries but you can use frozen in a pinch (check out all the tips in the recipe notes).

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