Mini Egg Brownies

- fudgy, soft & rich -

These mini egg brownies are fudgy, have flaky tops, and are packed with mini eggs. They’re the perfect, easy Easter brownies.

Soft, rich, and fudgy Melty mini eggs with crunchy candy coating  – Beautiful crackled brownie tops Quick and easy, no electric mixer needed

Why you will LOVE this recipe:

what you will need:



– unsalted butter – chocolate  – large eggs   – granulated sugar – brown sugar  – pure vanilla extract – sea salt – all purpose flour   – cocoa powder  – mini candy coated eggs 


Whisk eggs and sugar until thickened and creamy. This step will give the brownies a crackly top and velvety fudgy texture.


Add melted chocolate and butter, and gently fold with a whisk until fully incorporated. Don't overmix or you'll deflate the eggs. 


Sift flour and baking powder into the wet ingredients. This helps break up any lumps in the cocoa powder.


Fold the wet and dry ingredients just until it comes together. Add mini eggs and fold until smooth.


Top with mini eggs, bake, and top with even more mini eggs. Let cool before cutting in. They're best served slightly warm or room temperature.

Tehy're the perfect easy fudge brownie recipe for Easter. 

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