No Knead Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

- fluffy and gooey -

These no knead gingerbread cinnamon rolls are soft, ultra gooey, filled with an easy gingerbread filling, and topped with a classic cream cheese frosting.

Filling: The gingerbread filling is so flavourful and makes the rolls extra gooey. Gooey: Pouring on heavy cream right before baking makes these rolls fluffy and gooey. No dry rolls here! Easy: The no knead dough is so easy to put together – just stir everything together and let rise (about 45 mins) and you’re ready to roll.

Why you will LOVE this recipe:

Pouring heavy whipping cream over the cinnamon rolls before baking helps steam the rolls creating a perfectly fluffy dough and sticky gooey bottoms. The BEST hack!

The secret to getting a perfectly fluffy and gooey cinnamon roll:

what you will need:


– ½ cup water warm – 1 tsp sugar – 1 packet active dry yeast 7g – 5 cups all purpose flour 600g – ¼ tsp sea salt – ½ cup molasses – ½ cup butter softened – 2 large eggs room temperature – 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract – ½ cup milk warm – ⅓ cup heavy whipping cream – ½ cup butter, softened – 1 cup brown sugar, packed – 2 tbsp molasses – ⅛ tsp sea salt – 1 ½ tbsp cinnamon, ground – 1 tsp ginger, ground – ¼ tsp cloves, ground – ¼ tsp nutmeg, ground




Dissolve yeast in water and sugar. Mix dough ingredients (except for cream) together and let rise for 45 min, until doubled. 


Mix together filling ingredients. Roll out dough into a large rectangle and spread gingerbread filling evenly. Roll up into a roll.


Cut rolls with a string or piece of unflavoured floss and arrange onto baking pan.


Let rise until they fill out the pan and pour heavy cream over the rolls. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown on top. 


Let cool until warm before covering with cream cheese frosting (cream cheese frosting recipe is included in the full recipe).

The perfect cinnamon rolls for a holiday celebration and the recipe includes a make ahead option so you can prep them the night  before.

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