Banoffee Cake 

- easy & soft -

This banoffee cake is easy to make, soft and moist, and so delicious.  It’s covered in fluffy whipped cream, toffee sauce, and caramelized banana slices.

– Soft, fluffy, and moist  – The banana cake layer is an easy, one bowl recipe – Topped with toffee sauce – Caramelized bananas and whipped cream frosting on top

Why you will LOVE this recipe:

It's so easy to make, you don't need to stack the cake, and it's packed with flavour. You can make it all without an electric mixer. 

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what you will need:



– brown sugar  – granulated sugar – large eggs  – sea salt – pure vanilla extract – unsalted butter, melted – sour cream – bananas  – all purpose flour – baking soda + baking powder – butter – bananas  – brown sugar – cream cheese  – powdered sugar – vanilla extract – heavy whipping cream – homemade toffee sauce (instructions and substitutions in full recipe)

Banana Cake

Whipped Cream Frosting

Caramelized Bananas


Whisk eggs and sugar until thickened and lightened in colour. This will take about 30 seconds by hand. 


Add the rest of the wet ingredients and whisk until smooth. Make sure everything is at room temperature to incorporate smoothly.


Mash bananas with a fork and add them to the wet ingredients. I like to leave the bananas a bit chunkier but you can mash them to be more fine if you prefer. 


Sift dry ingredients right into the wet ingredients. Gently fold with a spatula or whisk just until no more dry streaks of flour remain.


Transfer to a greased and lined 8" round pan and bake. Let it cool inside the pan for 15 minutes before flipping over to release and letting cool completely.


Slice bananas for caramelizing and generously coat in brown sugar. Cook on high heat in butter until golden brown on both sides. Set aside to cool. 


Mix softened cream cheese and sugar until smooth (you can use a spatula). Whisk cream to medium stiff peaks. Add cream cheese mixture and whisk to stiff peaks. 


Top cooled cake with whipped cream frosting and make a well in the middle for the toffee sauce. Raise the edges of the frosting.


Fill the middle of the frosting with toffee sauce. I filled it up generously to get a dramatic pour of toffee when cutting the cake.


Top with caramelized banana pieces. I recommend topping the cake the day of serving because the caramelized bananas will get very soft if they sit for too long. 


Slice and serve with extra toffee sauce. This is the best cake for anyone who loves banoffee and banana bread.