Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars

- creamy & tangy -

These snickerdoodle cheesecake bars have a thick and soft snickerdoodle cookie base, creamy cheesecake middle, and more snickerdoodle with  cinnamon sugar on top.

– Thick, soft, snickerdoodle base – Tangy, cinnamoney snickerdoodle flavour – Creamy, decadent cheesecake middle – No waterbath needed!

Why you will LOVE this recipe:

The baked cheesecake middle is so creamy and you don't need a water bath, making this recipe even easier to make!

That creamy texture

what you will need:


– cinnamon sugar – butter  – granulated sugar – sea salt – large egg  – large egg yolk – pure vanilla extract – all purpose flour  – cream of tartar – baking soda – cinnamon  – cream cheese – granulated sugar – sea salt – pure vanilla extract – large eggs  – sour cream  – heavy whipping cream – all purpose flour

Snickerdoodle Base



Beat butter, sugar, salt until light and fluffy. Add vanilla and beat. 


Beat until creamy and scrape down the bowl frequently. 


Sift dry ingredients into the same bowl and fold until a dough forms. 


Press two thirds into the bottom of a lined baking pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.


Bake until puffed, 18-20 minutes. While it bakes work on the cheesecake filling.


Beat cream cheese and sugar until creamy and smooth.


Add eggs one at a time. Beat well and scrape down the bowl frequently.


Add the rest of the cheesecake ingredients to form a batter. 


Pour cheesecake batter over baked snickerdoodle cookie crust. You can pour it on while it's still hot. 


Halfway through baking, add pieces of the rest of the cookie dough on top and sprinkle more cinnamon sugar.


It's ready when edges are set and the middle is still a bit jiggly. Chill for at least 7 hours (or overnight) to set. 

The ultimate snickerdoodle cheesecake treat!

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