No Knead Funfetti Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

- fluffy and gooey -

These funfetti cinnamon rolls are gooey, fluffy, and topped with cream cheese frosting. 

The no knead dough is so easy to make, just add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix them together! After rising, fold the sprinkles in to get that funfetti dough effect. 

Heavy cream poured on top before baking helps to steam the buns keeping them soft while baking. It  also combines with the cinnamon sugar mixture to form a caramel-like  sauce at the bottom.

How to get gooey and fluffy cinnamon rolls every time: 

here's what you will need:


– ½ cup water  – 1 tsp granulated sugar – 1 packet  active dry yeast (7g) – 5 cups all purpose flour (600g) – ¼ cup granulated sugar – ⅛ tsp sea salt – ¾ cup butter  – 2 large eggs  – 1 tsp pure vanilla extract – ¾ cup milk  – ¼ cup sprinkles – ½ cup heavy cream – ½ cup butter softened – 1 cup brown sugar packed – 2 tbsp ground cinnamon – ⅛ tsp sea salt



I recommend jimmies (little rods) and confetti (flat pastel shapes  and circles). Nonpariels (little balls) are too small and might make the inside look a little brown because of all the colours bleeding in such close proximity. You could always use naturally coloured sprinkles as well but usually those tend to bleed even more.



In  a large bowl combine flour, sugar, salt, and stir. Make a well in the  middle and add the butter, eggs, vanilla, milk, and dissolved yeast mixture. Mix and let rise.


Roll out the dough, sprinkle the sprinkles on top, and fold the dough into thirds and then in half to form a rectangle and distribute the sprinkles. 


Roll the dough into a large rectangle, about  18” by 24”. The sprinkles will spread out to make the perfect funfetti dough as you roll it out.


Spread the cinnamon filling on top of the dough, leaving a 1” border on the top edge. Roll into a log, starting at the long edge. Mark the roll into 12 equal pieces.


Using  a piece of string or unflavoured floss, wrap the string around the log  and pull to cut. Arrange each roll into the baking pan. Rise until doubled. Pour heavy cream evenly over the rolls and bake.


Prepare cream cheese frosting:  Beat butter, sugar, and salt in a stand mixer or with electric hand beaters until light and fluffy. Add cream cheese, beat well. It should be fluffy. Add vanilla and cream, and beat until fluffy. 


Spread frosting on top of the rolls while they are still warm so that the frosting melts into the rolls a little bit. Serve warm!

The ultimate easy celebration cinnamon rolls!

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